Method MVT is a sanctuary for females where the mind, body and soul can evolve to its fullest potential. This unique form of training is suitable for any age, every body type and all fitness levels. Method Training uses all the angles of the body to shape and sculpt it using your own body weight combined with ankle weights and light free weights.  With hi repetitions, strong movements and extensions you have a killer workout using muscles in your body that you did not even know existed.




Method group classes are designed to be intimate and as close to a PT session as possible with only 6-8 people per class.  Each class will focus on targeted areas of the body but the best part about Method Training is that every workout always works your entire body. Learn more about the classes being offered.




Our Method MVT  space offers a cozy, apartment feel that allows the ladies coming in to relax, take their minds off of their busy days ahead and have a killer workout. There is a living room area to zone out before and after your workout. There is also a work space table for anyone needing to catch up on emails in their free time.  Our refreshment counter offers quality coffee, water and healthy snacks for those looking to refuel.  Our retail corner offers brands we love across athleisure and lifestyle categories.